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IPR currently has an interest in the following companies:

Dexdyne Limited – a leading designer of embedded controllers and remote monitoring products for industrial control applications – see www.dexdyne.com

Powerstax Limited – a designer and manufacturer of power solutions with particular emphasis on its world-leading dc-dc converters and large transformer rectifiers – see www.powerstax.com



Among the companies IPR and its founders have successfully developed and sold are:

Burnside Telecom Limited – a designer and manufacturer of innovative fixed cellular terminals for voice, SMS text, internet/e-mail access, cellular/landline routing and remote telemetry sensing and control – see www.burnsidetelecom.com

C-Dilla Limited – a world leading designer and supplier of encryption and compression software – sold to Macrovision, Inc in the US in 1999 – see www.macrovision.com

Celluloid Limited – a leading manufacturer of plastic mouldings for the computer, telecoms and car industry. Sold in 1986 to Forsheda AB of Sweden (which later became part of Smiths Group plc) – see www.smiths-group.com

Ozone Industries Limited the leading UK and European designer and manufacturer of ozone generators for commercial and domestic use – see www.ozone-industries.co.uk

Technotrend Limited – founded by IPR’s founders in 1976. Technotrend design and manufacture a range of Anti-Static, Security and Safety products for domestic, commercial and industrial use – see www.technotrend.co.uk

Technophone Limited – founded by IPR’s founders in 1984. Designer and manufacturer of the world’s first truly pocket-sized cellular telephone in 1985. In 1991, when the company was sold to Nokia in Finland, it was the fourth largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world – see www.nokia.com